Venturing into Agrivoltaics


No need to go into lenghty detail if there is an excellent video explanation. With thanks to Dave Borlace from “Just have think“. 


As with all new ventures, it starts with an intrinsic motivation and an initial idea on the direction of play. We aim to set up projects that combine agriculture and solar power because it packs a punch in terms of impact.


Read on to find out why we are so committed to this amazing combination of agricultural work and sustainable technology.

Combining agriculture and solar power

What we do and Why…

Through a collaborative effort of likeminded entrepreneurs and advisors (starting in March 2021) we develop projects, which mainly encompass a symbiosis of Photovoltaic energy generation and Agriculture (‘Agrivoltaics’ or ‘Agri-PV’).

It is our goal to achieve sustainable dual use of land by leveraging Agri-PV technology to increase both economic efficiency and  sustainable impact on rural communities.

Agri-PV not only yields benefits such as clean energy and more sustainable food production, but also rural communities are (re-)invigorated through the creation of long term agricultural employment.

We believe Agrivoltaics is one of the key areas to contribute to the goals as outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Counteract climate change by:

Societal shift

For our entire civilisation there is clearly a – much needed – societal shift into acting more sustainable and doing everything possible to counteract climate change.

Reduce climate footprint

Cleaner energy production (i.e. very low climate footprint), increasing food production (with minimal negative by product) and in the process acting socially responsible.

Contribution to the energy transition

For us it was both the possibility to work within the energy transition and the compelling thought of being able to actually contribute through an own business that develops projects in this space.

Achieving net-zero emissions

Achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 will require nothing short of the complete transformation of the global energy system

Agrivoltaics is gaining traction

Interested in jointly setting up an Agrivoltaic solution?